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Related article: Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 11:32:49 -0700 From: B L Subject: Adventure on an Evening StrollIt was a warm April evening and I was sitting at home jerking off to porn online once again. I hadn't had sex in months and was starting to feel it. The last two chicks I fucked left me with the need for strong drugs so I had developed an aversion to hooking up. So I sat home, alone, jerking to porn. Tonight I was frustrated and feeling hyper so I decided to go for a walk. I threw on some running shorts and sneakers and my favorite muscle shirt that showed off my gym hardened shoulders and biceps and headed out. As I checked myself in the mirror I was impressed by my still youthful physique, even at forty-two. My hair was curly and thick and brown, a little too dark to be called blonde and my jaw-line was still firm and tight and I looked way young for my age. I left my back door unlocked, as I usually did when I went out for a jog or a walk.Tonight, I just wanted to walk, clear my head. Usually, when I jogged, I stayed on the main streets but tonight I decided to meander through the neighborhood and just relax. After a few blocks I was beginning to feel the pressure subside and I Preteen Model Sites was enjoying letting my mind wander. I'd nod my neighbors hanging out on their front patios as I passed by. The neighborhood has a high percentage of Hispanic families and they seem to like to hand outside when the weather gets warm like this. I noticed how light and warm it was for 6:30 but continued to enjoy my walk. Summer in Phoenix was right around the corner.As I turned the next corner, there seemed to be small gathering at one of the homes on the block. My attention was particularly drawn to the beauty lounging out in a bikini. She was facing to get the last few rays of sun and she had an amazing body. She was lightly tan all over and tight and sexy and her tits were barely held in by her bikini. I couldn't take my eyes off her as I approached and pass and immediately bumped into a wall.Well, it wasn't a wall; it was a very large African American man. He stood about five inches taller than my five foot eleven frame and built of pure muscle."I'm sorry," I said as I looked up to meet his eyes."Watch where you're going dude," he said as he gently pushed me away from him.Again, I said that I was sorry and continued on my way."Wait. Wait. Wait," he said as he grabbed onto my t-shirt. "What has you so distracted man?""I was just taking a walk," I mumbled. "Lost in my thoughts. I'm sorry I bumped into you." As we were talking a few of his other friends joined us on the sidewalk."I think Angela distracted him," laughed one of his buds, a shorter Hispanic man with the same body build as the black guy. He wasn't wearing his shirt and I could see his ripped physique and hairless six-pack abs above his low-rider jean shorts. I didn't want to mess with these guys and tried to move along but now they were blocking my escape."Hey dudes," I said trying to sound cool and tough, "I didn't mean anything by it. She's hot. I'm sorry." I tried to make a joke of it, lighten up the situation and they laughed with me."No worries man, she is. My sister is a knockout," said another of the foursome. "And she gives great head, right Tyrone?"The tall black guy I originally bumped into laughed and shoved his friend. "That's the only reason I hang with you faggots. Hey Angela, want to show this dude how good you are at sucking cock?" I was not really comfortable with where this was going but Angela stood up, adjusted her bikini and looked over at me, said, "what the fuck," and began to walk towards the house. She was fucking hot, amazing ass and body and I looked at the four guys and decided I could use a little adventure. Tyrone gave me a little shove in the back and we all began to follow Angela in to the house.Angela had gone into the kitchen and Preteen Model Sites we all followed as her brother began handing out beers. "I'm Ramon," he said as he handed me mine. "Tyrone, Julian and Biggie," he continued as he passed out the beers. Julian and Biggie were both about the same height as Ramon and were also shirtless and built. "We just finished playing some ball down at the park. Ain't seen you around before?""I live over in the blue apartment building. I usually jog around the neighborhood. Decided to take a different route today.""Glad you did," said Ramon as he and Julian exchange glances. From the other room, I heard Angela shout, "You coming boys?"We all headed through the kitchen in to Preteen Model Sites a large room that had been set up as a sex room. I had never seen anything like this in real life, only in the porn movies I watched. There were whips and toys hanging from hooks on one wall. My eyes scanned the room checking out the padded construction horse, the ropes, whips and dildos. What struck me most was the hospital gurney in the middle of the room. I was taken aback by the smell as well of old lube and sex and leather. Angela was naked now standing in the corner holding a pair of handcuffs. My cock started to rise and I felt hands begin to lift my shirt over my head.I jumped at the strange touch but Ramon stepped in front of front of me and looked me in the eyes. "It's cool dude, relax. Part of her rules. No one touches her as she blows them. You're cool. Relax." He pushed me back towards Julian and Biggie but I decided this didn't feel right."You know, thank you guys and thank you Angela but I'm not really comfortable with this. I'm going to head out," I said as I heard the door close and lock. Preteen Model Sites Tyrone made sure that I heard him dead-bolting us into the room."I told you, chill dude. This is going to be fun," said Ramon as leaned in and kissed me. I jumped at his touch and Julian and Biggie grabbed my arms and held me in place. "What the fuck," I said. "Let me go!" I struggled against my captors but they just laughed as I fought them. They were stronger than me and outnumbered me and I wasn't going anywhere. Ramon ripped off my shirt and Angela approached and with the help of her goon squad cuffed my hands behind my back."This is not cool guys," I said, pleadingly looking around the room. "Let me go, I won't say anything. This never happened. Otherwise, it's kidnapping. Come on. Un-cuff me please." They all laughed as Angela got on her knees in front of me and lowered my shorts. I tried to grab on from behind but couldn't move fast enough."Nice cock," she said and took me into her mouth. It felt amazing and I began to relax and enjoy the sensation. The whole scene was surreal. I was now naked and handcuffed and getting blown by a beautiful woman being watched by four muscular dudes. I was excited and scared and decided to just let myself enjoy it. I closed my eyes for a minute to just enjoy the blowjob and when I opened them, the four guys were naked and sitting on the sofa watching Angela and me and stroking their cocks. I had jerked off twice before my walk so I was nowhere near close to coming, despite Angela's intense work on my cock. As I looked at the four guys, I was amazed at the size of their cocks. They were all well hung and I could see why they called Biggie, Biggie. Holy crap was he huge. Biggie caught me staring and Preteen Model Sites stood up to give me a better view. I must have blushed because he laughed. He walked over and tapped Angela on the head. She looked at him, released my cock from her mouth and stood and walked behind me. Biggie dropped to his knees and began to reach for my cock with his mouth. I immediately took a step backward.No man had ever touched me before and I was not about to let one now. Angela reached around and hugged my body close to mine. She whispered in my ear to relax, let Biggie take his turn. I tensed up and my cock began to soften but Biggie had it in his mouth and it got hard again in no time. Angela stroked my stomach and my chest, rubbing my nipples as she chewed gently on the skin on my shoulders. It was hot. So there was a guy blowing me. So what. My cock felt amazing. I looked down and saw this man on my cock and I was hard and enjoying it and I was embarrassed. I looked up not wanting to see anyone or anything. I was enjoying Angela's touch - she kept pinching my nipples, which no one had ever done before - and Biggie's mouth was amazing on my cock. I started to breathe heavily, getting close to cumming. I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment. I then felt Angela step away and someone else come up behind me. I tried to turn my head to look but he forced me to face forward. He wrapped something around my eyes, blindfolding me so I couldn't see what was going on now. I could tell it was Tyrone because the man behind my taller than me.He tied off the blindfold then lifted my arms up and secured them with a chain around my neck. I had to hold my hands high on my back or I'd begin to choke myself. Tyrone then began to hold and Preteen Model Sites touch me like Angela was doing but there was one big difference. I could feel his cock poking at my thighs and my ass. I was really worried where this was going but the feelings were amazing. I started breathing deeply getting close to shooting my load when everything stopped. The blindfold kept me from seeing what was going on but I could only imagine - here I stood, naked, in the middle of the room, my cock at full attention, my hands cuffed behind my back and secured around my neck and I was breathing hard on the verge of orgasm.Nothing happened for what felt like hours. I could here the guys and Angela in the room whispering and my cock began to deflate."OK, this was fun," I said. "Can I go now please?" I wasn't really sure that's what I wanted but I scared and getting a little more uncomfortable the longer time passed. No one responded until Angela walked up behind me and began to steer me across the room. She turned me around and told me to sit. My ass met a cool leather cushion and I realized I must be on the gurney. She undid the handcuffs and I had the immediate instinct to bolt and run. This was my chance. But I didn't. Something about her touch and softly whispered instructions had me mesmerized. She gently led me so that my back touched the back of the leather gurney. Someone else slid a leather strap across my chest, just below my nipples and secured me to the gurney. Each hand was then fitted with something that prohibited me from wriggling my fingers and then my wrists were attached to the gurney as well. More straps held me down and I was now immobile from the waist up. My fear had caused my cock to deflate but I soon felt hands playing with my balls and my cock and securing something thick and leathery to my ball sac. It was a nice feeling, tight but not uncomfortable.No one had said a word through this whole process and I was torn. I knew I should have been afraid but I actually felt safe and excited in this position. I then felt a tugging at my balls and I began to moan. "Shhh" said a masculine voice in my ear as I felt by balls being gently pulled. The leg portion of the gurney was lifted and my legs were secured apart. It felt like my balls were secured too keeping up the gentle tug.I was now laying flat on my back, secured to the gurney, unable to move any part of my body. I could wiggle my legs a little, but if I did, it added a strange pressure to my balls. I then felt the gurney being lowered to ground level.I felt a new mouth on my cock and I began to harden again. As I opened my mouth to gasp I felt someone crouching over my face. "Lick" I was told and I could taste pussy - Angela no doubt squatting over my face. "Eat me out," she said and I had no problem complying. She rode my face for a few minutes then she stepped off."Ever suck cock boy," Ramon asked. "No," I cried. "Please don't make me do that.""Why not boy? You let Biggie suck you," someone said. "Let??" I asked. "Um, I don't have a lot of choice here, do I?" I responded."No, I guess you don't," he said, followed by "Open up." I felt a hard cock pressing at my mouth and I struggled but he clamped his fingers over my nose and as I opened my mouth to breath he shoved the head of his cock into my mouth. I had never sucked a cock before and I felt the need to gag. I ran my tongue tentatively over the dickhead in my mouth and realized it didn't taste that bad. Who ever was in my mouth was being gentle and slowly began to slide in and out. I started to suck trying to recreate for him the feeling I was experiencing on my cock when I missed and my teeth strafed his cock. He slapped my face, hard and shouted at me, "No Teeth!" Who ever was sucking my cock intentionally bit down which made me scream and the cock in my mouth slid deep into my throat. I did gag this time but the cock in my throat did not let up. "Aaaah" he said and ordered me to swallow more. I was choking and gagging on the cock that was raping my throat but he was not letting up. He'd go deep and hold it there then pull out, giving me a moment to breathe and immediately plowing in again. There was mucus and spit running down my face but I could not move to avoid the oral onslaught. If I tried to pull away, I'd feel it in my balls."Fuck him Julian," some one shouted followed by "Feed him your load!" I began to struggle to get away from Julian's attack. I certainly didn't want his cum in my mouth but Julian grabbed my face and fucked me like I would fuck a pussy. He was paying to attention to my gagging and gurgling for begging for relief. The more I struggled the more it seemed to turn him on. Preteen Model Sites His cock was sliding straight down my throat and I was choking and crying when all of a sudden he plunged deep into my throat and held on tight. I couldn't breathe but I could feel his cock harden and Preteen Model Sites spasm. He was shooting in my throat straight down my gullet. He was unloading his seed into my stomach and I was suffocating. This is how I was going to die. I was fighting to get him off and get some air into my lungs but I had limited movement. Finally, he pulled out, I gasped and felt the last few shots of his cum land on my cheek. I was soaked in spit and mucus and now cum and gasping for air. I had been raped, orally, and I wanted out. I had swallowed a man's cum. I wasn't gay. Who were these men? Fuck, I needed to get out. I started shouting as such to them and someone stuck a penis in my mouth - no it wasn't a penis - it was a penis shaped piece of rubber and they tied it around my head and had effectively gagged me."Too noisy," someone had said as I continued to thrash around on the gurney. I wasn't going anywhere soon.Again, there was a period of silence when everything calmed down. My heart began to beat again at a normal pace but now I was scared. What was coming next? It did take long to figure out. My legs were untied from the gurney and someone stood behind me and held my legs us. I felt fingers playing at my asshole and I began to scream. "NO!" I shouted into the gag and I heard them all laugh at me. I tried to wriggle away but each time I did my balls hurt and pulled."Ramon's turn," Tyrone said. "He loves to fuck virgin ass. I like sloppy seconds." Again, I shook my head from side to side shouting no but to no avail. I was about to be raped. I let myself get into this position. I was angry and scared and wanted out. "Please," I begged into the gag. "Please!"Someone untied the gag and I began to beg and plead to get out. Anything, I promised. They said no. They were going to rape me. I began to cry like a baby knowing I would never feel like a man again. Ramon kept fingering my hole and loosening me up and I kept trying to wriggle away."I'll tell you what," said Ramon. "We'll let you eat Angela's pussy while I fuck you. Will that make you feel better?" Not really, I thought but it will distract me. I continued to ask for anything but a cock up my ass when Angela repositioned herself over my face. I began to lick and suck for all I was work as I felt Ramon began to try to enter my hole. I was tight and he was big and I was fighting him all the way. He'd get the tip of his head in and I'd clench up and force him out. He was enjoying the cat and mouse game and I was fighting for all I was worthAll of a sudden, I felt lots of moisture in my mouth. Angela was peeing in my mouth!! I was shocked. I could taste her piss and in the moment I realized what was going on, I let my guard down and Ramon pistoned his cock all the way into my ass. I screamed bloody murder but was now impaled on a fat Latino cock. Angela walked away and I began to beg for release. Ramon slowly began to slide from my ass and pounded me again. I was in a new level of pain and I must have blacked out for a few seconds. I noticed immediately the slow, rhythmic fucking in my ass and began to relax into it. It hurt but it hurt in a way I had never felt before. I was breathing heavily, trying to adapt to the pain when I felt a hard thick tube trying to enter my mouth. It must have been Biggie. I began to suck on his cock, only to take my mind off the anal assault I was enduring. I now had a cock in my mouth and my ass, which was something I thought would never happen to me."Look at the faggot," said Tyrone. I wanted to yell that I'm not a faggot but here I was, filled with cock. "Give me a shot," said Tyrone and I felt the cock in my ass retract all the way out. Tyrone must have stepped to the plate and I felt his long thick cock go deep on the first thrust. I gasped and Biggie went deeper into my now sore and aching throat. Tyrone began to fuck me and call me names. "Take my black cock, you bitch," he said or "Yea faggot, ride my black pole." All of a sudden I realized something and forced Biggie's cock out of my mouth."You are wearing condoms, right," I asked hoping for the best but fearing the worst. I got the worst. They all laughed and Tyrone said, "We're going to breed your faggot ass boy. Hope you're on the pill so you don't get pregnant." I began to buck and try to get out but Tyrone slapped my balls, causing such pain to shoot through my gut that I just started to cry."Aw baby," Tyrone said as he pulled out of my ass and came around to my head. "It's ok. Just enjoy it. But we have a problem. I could feel Biggie moving around to my ass and I thought, no shit we have a problem."My cock just came out of your ass, and it's dirty. You didn't clean very well today. Better make up for that." He then grabbed my head and shoved his dirty black into my mouth. "Suck it clean boy," he growled as I felt Biggies lubing up my ass more to begin to impale me on his monster. Tears were streaming down my face as I was gagging on the taste of my shit and another man's cock in my mouth. Biggie forced himself into my ass and Tyrone forced himself into my throat at the same time and my body bucked against my restraints as I was in agony from head to toe.Tyrone's shit smeared cock fucked my throat as Biggie stretched my ass fucking me good. He started to moan quickly and let us all know that he was about to dump a load in my hole. I began to buck and move again which he loved, smacking my ass and riding me till he shouted that he was unloading in my guts. I feel his cock spasm as I took my second load ever and the first to ever go in my ass. Tyrone kept fucking my throat and told me I was going to get another treat. He let up on the fucking and told me to drink and he began to piss in my mouth. He clasped his hand over my throat and ordered me to swallow and I swallowed what I could.Biggie pulled out and Ramon began to fuck me again. He fucked me like a rabbit, short, fast strokes as he emptied into my ass as well. I was so over stimulated I had no idea where to focus my attention. Julian had cum in my throat. Biggie and Ramon in my ass. Angela and Tyrone had fed me their piss. Tyrone had not cum yet but was getting close fucking my throat. He pulled out and told me to open my mouth and he jerked himself to orgasm, shooting his load all over my face and lips and tongue. Everything stopped and I was alone in the dark covered in cum, piss and sweat. It was quiet for a moment then I felt an amazing feeling at my ass. It was tongue. "Clean em up Angela," someone said I could feel Angela sucking on my asshole. She was trying to extract the cum from my ass. I loved the feeling of her tongue on my hole and relaxed and let her in. I could feel her sucking cum right out of me. It was hot. Then she stopped and put he lips over mine and emptied the contents of my ass back into my mouth. "Swallow pig," she said. She licked my face and fed me the cum and spit that was still there.She then slid down to my cock and started to suck me off. I got hard in no time. "Fuck my ass now," she said as she climbed on top of me and impaled herself on my cock. She rode my cock like a pro until I shot deep into her guts. It was fucking amazing cuming like that until I heard Tyrone tell me that there was one more load of cum for me to eat.Angela dropped her ass right over my mouth and emptied the contents right in. I gagged at the taste of cum and shit but Tyrone was right there forcing me to swallow it all down."Good faggot. Rest. Round two is coming soon." What else could they do to me??
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